About Me

Brian Zientak Photography - Nature and Wildlife Photography

Where do I even start? I want to see and do it all, but where do I even start? This was the question I asked myself a few years ago. The answer was right in front of my face. I start here, my home. America the Beautiful. And so my journey began. In the time since that glaringly obvious solution to my problem was discovered, I have traveled all over this great land, visiting over half of our states and nearly a third of the US National Parks. Believe me when I say I’m just getting started.

My name is Brian and I am an adventure enthusiast. My life’s goal is to see the world and take in as many of its experiences as I can. While I’ve been embracing my adventurous spirit, I’ve discovered an affinity for documenting my experiences, and a love for sharing the world from my point of view. On my website, you’ll find prints of my best photos for sale, as well as links to my Stock Photo Marketplace and my Print On Demand stores.

In the Blog section, I’ll be sharing the story behind the photos, including the details of how I got my favorite shots. You’ll also find travel recommendations as we explore local shops, restaurants, and experiences. And of course, I’ll share my tricks for getting the most out of every experience, because each day only happens once.

I live with my amazing girlfriend and travel companion, Kristen and our two dogs, Mochi and Waffles, in Southeast Michigan. Between excursions, you can find me playing hockey or golf, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, treasure hunting, or some other outdoor activity, depending on the day. I’m passionate about my photography and the environment and of course the Detroit Red Wings and my parents’ dog, Duke. I’m at home in the mountains, though we have none around. Nothing beats a roadtrip.

This is the world through my eyes. I hope you’ll join me on my adventure and we can explore this majestic planet together.